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Valuation and Advisory Services

SG Analytics is the leader, in valuation advisory services offering high quality and professional valuation around the globe. We have comprehensive professional valuation advisory analysts to help the clients for their customized needs.

Our valuation and advisory services provide logical and highly defensible tax compliance and financial reporting valuation support to our global clients. We help our clients with analysis across different phases of the transaction process to meet their requirements. Our valuation and advisory services support businesses from start-up to large corporations across diverse industry sectors.

Transaction structures and the need to know the value of assets have become more complex. For businesses to arrive at well informed business and investment decisions, it is necessary to tackle valuation issues. We provide auditable valuation across industries involving various levels of complexity. Our experience of performing thousands of business valuations over the years can help clients to focus on their critical business activities.

Our Valuation and Advisory Services Include:

  • IRC 409A Valuation: Private company valuation for stock options issuance
  • Gift and Estate Tax: Valuations of interests in closely held businesses or other securities for estate planning and gift tax
  • Business Valuation: Assessment of privately held companies for corporate purposes
  • Fairness Opinions: Objective analysis of a transaction or a business combination from a financial point of view
  • Purchase Price Allocations (ASC 805 formerly SFAS 141R): Allocation of transaction value into tangible and intangible assets of the business under ASC 805 guidelines
  • Impairment Testing (ASC 350, formerly SFAS 142R): Impairment testing of indefinite life or intangible assets under ASC 350
  • Accounting for Stock Option Expenses (ASC 718 formerly SFAS 123R): Expensing of stock options expenses as per ASC 718 guidelines
  • Fair Value Analysis (ASC 820 formerly SFAS 157): Valuation under ASC 820 for fair value reporting of assets
Service Delivery Methodology

Our valuation and advisory team possesses extensive valuation experience across industry sectors and life-cycle stages that give clients an optimal overview customized to their specific requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner, while not compromising on high value.

Our clients include investment banks, service firms, start-ups, private companies, among others.

At SG Analytics, our valuation and advisory support services help make the perfect decision.

Industries Where Valuation And Advisory Offerings Are Applicable:

  • Investment Banks
  • Service Firms
  • Start-ups
  • Private companies

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