Market Research Firm-SG Analytics


Investment Research

"Whilst we worked with several other third party vendors in the analytics space, we found SG Analytics to be superior in many ways. Most importantly their commitment to partnership permeates all they say and do. In any growing relationship, things have to be discussed, reset, and re-evaluated. Throughout, SGA worked with us towards the best possible outcome for our firm, and took ownership for growing pains during significant ramp-ups. As important as a working partnership is, SGA delivers superior quality day after day. The team’s willingness to learn, and take ownership for building knowledge is unequaled in the industry. Minimal staff turnover, which is rare with most KPOs, ensures that your investment in building the teams knowledge is worth every minute spent. Overall, our firms experience with SGA has been excellent. "

Partner, Financial Services Company

"SGA provides first class, integrated and flexible services. The team members are a great culture fit and go out of their way to ensure excellent client experience. We are happy to have SGA as a business partner and we would recommend them to other financial service companies."

Partner, Financial Services Company

"We have worked with many vendors and have found SG Analytics, both the firm and the leadership, to excel in meeting our needs for several reasons. First and foremost it’s the spirit of partnership on every level of the relationship, which drove an intense collaboration allowing us to achieve what would have been difficult to do in a traditional vendor arrangement.”

Head of Market Development, Global Financial Services Company

"I am overall extremely pleased with SGA since we started. The analysts have shown an ability not only to do what is asked really well but also to take initiatives and come up with innovative solutions. I completely rely on their ability and as a team we will now involve them even more."

Partner, Asset Management LLP in the UK

Business Consulting

"SG Analytics has been an outsourced service provider to us since the last 4 years. In this capacity, they provide competitive market and security analysis support. We have found their services to be of the highest quality and they are constantly enhancing their output in a very proactive manner.”

CEO, Large Commercial Bank in the Middle East

"I am so glad we decided to work with SG Analytics. They have certainly exceeded my expectations. I will recommend your services to others. And I will of course recommend them to my colleagues here in the US and UK."

Director of Marketing, Media Company in the UK

Market Research

"We have developed an exceptional working relationship with SG Analytics based on a series of core values and partnership approaches. During the initial tendering process, SG Analytics showed a large amount of business prowess, flexibility and desire to work with us that they became our core and only online data collection services providers. The company was always keen to become our sole provider for all services and recently won that contract against stiff competition. Our partnership continue to flourish and is certain to do so for many years to come.”

Founder and Partner, Market Research Company in the UK

"Thank you for the excellent service in the first year of our working relationship and we are looking forward to a long lasting association. We are happy to have a special team at SGA that is smart, hard working and fun loving – a perfect mix."

Director, Well Established Market Research Firm in the US

"We were able to do some very interesting analysis on the data your team has gathered, and even at this early stage, we could provide some initial business guidance to our client based on the insights that are emerging"

Operations Director, Large IT Industry Analyst Firm, US

Data Analytics

"We have found a rare combination of domain knowledge, statistical skills, and technology skills at SGA. SGA has been able to build statistical models and deliver insights much faster than we could build internally. They have managed to increase our speed to market by about 50%-60% which makes them a valued partner in our business.”

SVP Customer Analytics, Large European Financial Services Provider

"The data scientists at SGA are smart problem solvers and are committed to meet tough timelines. Their major differentiators are their excellent technical understanding, ability to listen to our needs and their capability to solve the same problem through multiple tools & methodologies."

Director Consumer Insights, Large Consumer Goods Company in US