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Risk Management

All business operations face varying degrees of transactional and periodic risks. It is necessary to understand the nature of risks and accordingly put mitigation strategies in place. Key sectors like Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Telecom have significant components of financial and compliance risks.

It is important to segregate the impact of individual components of risk, understand their impact in isolation and in combination with other factors. Scoring of risk at the individual and entity level helps organizations minimize losses and maximize facilitation.

Our Risk Management Solutions Across Industries Include:

Risk Management

Service Delivery Methodology

We at SGA, use various techniques like pattern matching, text mining and entity deduplication for risk analytics. We have built algorithms in both licensed as well as open source tools and possess in-house domain expertise in the risk management area.

Industries Where Our Offerings Are Applicable:

  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Telecom

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