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Quantitative Research

At SG Analytics, we provide your business with holistic and comprehensive quantitative market research services.

Our quantitative research services combine advanced mathematical modeling, data analytics and in-depth capital markets expertise to deliver a comprehensive set of efficient and highly effective solutions across all asset classes and institutions, as well as the entire investment life cycle:

  • Back/forward testing
  • ETF/Portfolio Construction
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Index Rebalance Analytics
  • Market Research/Intelligence Analytics

Our quantitative research team possesses extensive experience working with financial databases, statistical modelling solutions, such as Matlab, S Plus and R, as well as experience in programming languages such as Java, C# and .NET.

Our priority is to work collaboratively with our clients and take over more routine, regulation-mandated and maintenance tasks, freeing up their scarce specialist resources to attend to higher-value tasks.

Our Quantitative Research Services Include:

Comprehensive model development, weightings and back-testing/forward testing and scenario modeling.

Statistical asset allocation and ETF construction/risk evaluation.

In depth credit risk analytics and regulatory compliance.

Complex derivative pricing, performance attribution and portfolio analytics.

Active and passive risk calculations and scenario modeling.

Bespoke training programmes led by our industry experts and veterans with hand-on quantitative research experience.

Service Delivery Methodology

Our approach begins with collating the relevant requirements to ensure we clearly understand your end objectives and business goals. We then conduct a comprehensive data collation and validation exercise. Following this, we construct the relevant statistical and modelling frameworks to deliver the end objectives. Once the initial outputs are created, we work to validate and iterate the process to create a scalable solution.

We tailor and create a customized solution using quantitative market research technique for our client. Our quantitative marketing professionals can design several data capture methods that can suit your needs

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Our Differentiators

  • Secure infrastructure and connectivity to create full data integration & storage and ensure your data integrity is paramount
  • Ability to develop and maintain automated processes for scale and efficiency
  • Highly skilled statistical and financial modeling experience to ensure we deliver your requirements quickly and effectively
  • Cost effective and scalable solutions
  • Comprehensive project definition and management process to ensure you have full visibility from initiation to completion
  • Access and experience of using financial databases, programming languages and statistical modeling packages
Industries Where quantitative market research Offerings Are Applicable:
  • Investment Banks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Institutional Investment Managers
  • Brokerages
  • Corporates

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