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Life @ SGA

Our HR vision is to ensure our employees achieve their objectives through effective fit-for-purpose talent management processes. This allows our employees as well as SGA to grow while ensuring client satisfaction. We recognize our analysts as our best asset, which provides competitive advantage for achieving desired results.

Our recruitment and career development policies adhere to the principles of:


Career Development and Personalized Training

We provide all our employees with a visible and ambitious career, driven by our growth and a rigorous personalized training and development program. This ensures every employee undergoes a minimum of 40 hours of training sessions every year, which includes all aspects of personality and skills development.

Promoting Internal Talent

We focus on promoting internal talent whenever possible, which helps us to optimize productivity and ensures employee loyalty. Moreover, to enable us to meet our goals and our client’s objectives, our internal training program and performance measurement system focus on the following four main KPIs:

Promoting Internal Talent

Equal Opportunity to All

At SGA, we provide equal opportunities to all our employees irrespective of their age, gender, color, race, ethnicity, language, caste, creed, economic and social status or disability. Every employee is treated with respect; discrimination and prejudice are unacceptable at SGA.

Work Culture

At SGA, our multi-national work culture allows every employee to develop a global perspective and improve their skill-set through cross-learning. Our company structure encourages each member to take full ownership of projects to meet our client needs. We also understand the importance of providing our employees a wider perspective and opportunities to excel, which has resulted in great value to our clients.

Social Belongingness and Connection

We understand that social connections play a very important role in keeping people together, which is one of the most important aspects at SGA. Various activities and events help our employees to bond with their colleagues and create a stress-free work environment. Moreover, our HR team constantly interacts with employees to collect ideas on how to improve the work environment further and address any concerns or issues at an early stage.

Join UsJoin Us

At SGA, your progress is based on your ability, talent and the time it takes to reach your goals. We provide the structure to ensure success and the elasticity to accommodate your needs.

Our PeopleOur People

Any client service organisation’s core strength lies in its human capital. We at SGA consider our people as our most valuable assets.