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Financial Spreading

At SG Analytics we have built a “center of excellence for financial spreading”. Our credit analyst are trained on best practices of credit underwriting, spreading and scoring, and monitoring methodologies to support client objectives related to data quality, consistency, and timeliness. Leveraging our centralized spreading support allows our clients to focus on: Origination and Revenue generating activities. Some of the additional benefits that clients realizes:

  • Improved quality and turnaround
  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Better management of workflow spikes
  • Personnel flexibility & cost advantages
  • Standardized process and clearly defined methodology

We have strong FIG expertise and support various tasks across data collection, financial research analysis:

  • We support various client teams including banking, insurance, asset management, specialty finance & leasing, financial technology, brokerage, trust & exchanges across our clients – Commercial banks, Investment banks, Corporates and Market Data Providers
  • We have over 350 people working on financial modeling and data collection projects
  • We have extensive experience in spreading variety of financial statements including public & private companies, SMEs, commercial real estate, individuals. We also provide high end financial analysis – including credit ratio analysis & credit reviews, covenants testing & monitoring, debt structure & maturity schedules and custom fundamental analysis.

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