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ESG Research

We work as a bespoke research partner to our clients through our comprehensive and customized ESG solutions, ranging from database services to in-depth ESG research, all under one roof unlike traditional ESG research providers. We focus on providing optimum flexibility in selecting various combinations of services from our extensive offerings to best serve our clients’ responsible investment requirements.

Overview of SGA ESG Research Support

SGA’s ESG Research Overview

  • Tracking company disclosure, controversial news and stakeholder viewpoints
  • Conducting in-depth and comprehensive industry analysis, using SGA’s robust impact investing research framework
  • Conducting thematic research on emerging trends
  • Delivering country and company reports for sustainable practices
  • Conducting geopolitical and socio-economic analysis
  • Building and carrying out maintenance of core ESG database
  • Tracking 500+ industry accepted KPIs for more than 4,500 companies
  • Sourcing qualitative and quantitative information
  • Conducting analysis of information transparency level of companies in respective portfolios
  • Building innovative and easy to use ESG database interfaces
  • Identifying the most significant ESG risks and negative trends of companies
  • Tracking diverse portfolios on key ESG issues across geographies on a daily basis
  • Conducting comprehensive analysis of ESG policy v/s performance
  • Providing periodical risk trackers for investor portfolios
  • Building and carrying out maintenance of ESG news database
  • Tracking diverse companies, from developed market to emerging market
  • Publishing fortnightly and monthly newsletters
  • Providing news briefings and in-depth impact analysis
  • Empowering investors with knowledge about the market reality of their portfolios
Service Delivery Methodology

SGA’s ESG team comprises researchers with multiple years of ESG experience, including scholars in Energy & Environment, Sustainable Development Practice, Social Sciences and Corporate Governance and Public Policy.

We examine and collect comprehensive ESG information from extensive sources including company publications, websites, press releases, stock exchanges and subscription-based databases, which is followed by an exhaustive news collection process through relevant news platforms (global and regional), NGO newsletters and subscription-based databases. A blend of our robust stakeholder engagement process with the above extracts factual information on relevant issues and portrays the realistic picture in front of the investors. We adopt a stringent three-layered quality control approach, which includes conducting peer quality check, QC team check and spot check along with an automated quality control system.

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