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Data Analytics

At SG Analytics, we help our clients take effective C-level decisions by leveraging various data and analytical methods. We also believe that it is imperative for organizations that have already initiated effective decision-making through analytics, to keep a thorough check on how much business value this practice is delivering.

As global businesses seek to become more nimble and as enterprises become more skilled in the application of data analytics, we are observing a surge in the adoption of sophisticated analytics capabilities.

SG Analytics’ Value Proposition in Data Analytics

We offer a three-pronged value proposition for our clients — Domain Expertise, Technology Expertise and our Analytical Expertise.

SGA’s Value Proposition in Data Analytics

Service Delivery Methodology

Our Center of Excellence (CoE) approach ensures that we are in sync with the latest tools and technology, and use them while consistently innovating our models.

Our analysts combine media knowledge, statistical skills, technology skills and domain expertise. We use our technical expertise to develop unique solutions for solving peculiar problems.

Some of the tools and methodologies used at SG Analytics are:

  • Support Vector Machines
  • Neural Networks for Classification
  • Random Forest Classifiers
  • Non-Linear Techniques
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Apriori Algorithms
  • Latent Class Models
  • ARIMA Techniques
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Classification Trees
  • Recursive Partitioning
  • Time Series Techniques

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics Services Include:

Extracting more value from marketing investments can be challenging, which is made even more difficult by the scale, speed-to-market and decentralization of marketing decisions to line marketing.

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In a rapidly changing customer landscape, the following trends are redefining the way corporations deal with customer management.

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All business operations face varying degrees of transactional or periodic risks. It is necessary to understand the nature of the risks and accordingly put risk mitigation strategies in place.

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Visual Analytics delivers actionable information to ensure business users understand, identify, and solve problems quickly. We strive to understand and predict customer behaviour across all channels and monetize it.

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Integrating web, social media, Smartphone, and other unstructured data poses multiple challenges but provides significant benefits. We can leverage Social Media Analytics for:

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