Market Research Firm-SG Analytics

Corporate Social Responsibility

SG Analytics strongly believes that it has a social responsibility to give back not only to people around them but also to the environment. Our CEO Mr. Sushant Gupta believes that in the increasingly competitive market environment, it is the moral duty of all those, who are privileged, to offer a helping hand to the needy, thereby ensuring social justice, equality and empowerment. In line with its philosophy, SG Analytics is engaged in the following activities:

Educational Funding

SG Analytics has adopted a number of students for their education as a part of the 'Mahamanav Baba Amte Bahu Uddeshiy Samajik Vikas Sewa Sanstha', an initiative of the Vidyarthi Sahhayak Samiti, Shrigonda. Moreover, our company conducts a three-day event for the children studying at the Sanstha. Sushant, along with his family, interacts with these students and guides them on a better way of life.

Contribution toward Local Communities

SG Analytics along with ECO Solutions, contributed toward lighting up many small villages in Maharashtra's Raigad district through solar power. Solar lamps are distributed in a number of villages such as Yermalwadi, Garmar, Karambelawadi and Bhalyachiwadi, which provide huge relief to women and children of these areas. Our objective behind this project is to provide low-cost, technologically advanced and highly reliable eco-friendly products to the poorest section of the society, which will bring about a significant change in their daily lives.

Employee Engagement

SG Analytics continuously strives to shore up its CSR programs and create a larger impact on people, communities and the planet through its team of young and vibrant employees. At SG Analytics, we welcome and recognize ideas of employees and their contribution toward the well-being of society.

Tree Plantation

SG Analytics in collaboration with the Green Hills Group, participates in tree plantation programs once in a year. The idea is to save the famous small hills (Tekdis) around Pune, which are also the most prized possessions of the city, and ensure they do not lose their greenery and beauty.

Contribution to Clean India

SG Analytics and its partner NGO INORA launched a new CSR activity of building toilets in 2015, in line with the Indian government’s 'Clean India' initiative. SG Analytics donated a toilet block to a village school. The Zilla Parishad Primary School now has its own toilet with latest fitments. The villagers were thrilled to get such a long-lasting gift from us.

We believe a ‘small step’ taken by us today will turn into a ‘big leap’ for our society tomorrow!

River Cleaning Initiative

The SGA family gathered on Saturday (November 19) along the Mula-Mutha river bank to conduct a clean-up exercise to free the river from waste that was accumulated on its bank. The activity also served the purpose of spreading awareness about river pollution. Over 200 SGAties from 10 nationalities used this opportunity to make a difference to the lives of millions of Pune'ites.